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The LHPOST6 provides an exceptional facility for advancing knowledge, construction practices, and design of civil infrastructure practice, while also providing a unique educational infrastructure for training future seismic scientists and engineers.

Our one-of-a-kind facility enables ground-breaking experimental research in earthquake engineering related to structural, geostructural, soil-foundation-structural, and non-structural components and systems, including how these systems behave during realistic multi-directional excitations.

Be part of transformative research at the LHPOST6 by contributing construction materials, equipment, or expertise to a current/future project.

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The LHPOST6 provides numerous opportunities for researchers and industry to leverage an existing project to test out new devices, innovative sensors, etc. Contact us for more information.

The following guidelines are provided to researchers interested in proposing a payload component to an existing research project scheduled at the LHPOST6. Successful planning and execution of a payload project will require coordination between the payload project PI, the existing project PI, the LHPOST6 Site Operations Manager, and the NHERI Network Coordination Office (NCO).

The Research Participation Agreement, or similar agreement, will include, but not be limited to:

  1. All current and planned projects scheduled at the LHPOST6 are listed at Researchers are encouraged to identify and propose payload projects to broaden the scope of currently funded NHERI projects.
  2. The payload project PI should review the posted information for the ongoing/new project of interest including scope, schedule, and additional relevant data to determine feasibility of proposing a payload project.
  3. If additional project details are required, the payload project PI is encouraged to contact the existing project PI directly to foster collaboration towards the project.
  4. The payload project PI must gain the approval of the existing project PI to add a payload component. PIs for both the existing research grant and the payload project are required to inform the LHPOST6 Site Operations Manager of the proposed collaboration. The subsequent scope and available technical details of the proposed payload project are to be provided to the EF for approval of technical feasibility and safety. Technical details should include the following:
    • Scope of work
    • Testing plan
    • Schedule
    • Required Equipment and Other Resources
    • Instrumentation Plan
    • Data Management Plan
    • Payload demolition and/or removal plan
  5. The LHPOST6 reserves the right to decline the payload project if prior approval is not provided by the existing project PI and communicated to the Site Operations Manager.
  6. The payload project PI and the existing project PI are to inform the NCO of the proposed payload project and any impact on the project schedule.
  7. Funding source for payload project needs to be identified (NSF or non-NSF funding) and communicated to the Site Operations Manager.
    • For budget planning, payload project PIs are referred to the LHPOST6 website at under Resources in order to access key budget development information for operational services and equipment provided by the EF.
    • Payload researcher needs to also identify additional budget requirements that are necessary to achieve payload project deliverables through communication with project PI.
  8. Once a payload project is awarded, a Research Participation Agreement, or similar agreement, will need to be developed between all parties involved, including but not limited to existing project PI, payload project PI, the NHERI EF and NHERI NCO prior to commencing any activities at the site related the payload project.
    • Identification of parties
    • Scope of Work and Testing Plan
    • Schedule with Milestones
    • Budget
    • Responsibility of Costs
    • Intellectual Property Terms and Conditions
    • Data Management Plan
    • Risk Management Plan

Opportunities for Payload Projects

10-Story NHERI Tallwood Project